About Us

Integrative Medicine

The future of healthcare is Integrative; combining conventional medicine, complementary and alternative modalities, and the most comprehensive testing available in order to understand the patient, get to the root of the health problem, and pursue an optimal state of health.


At CIMED Integrative Medical Center, we take an integrative approach that incorporates the following:

Patient Centered 


It starts with you. The first step is to create a strong patient/physician relationship built through understanding and education. Our physicians strive to acknowledge the full spectrum of the patients health through conversation, medical history, interview, and comprehensive lab tests. An approach to healing can then be developed, with the patient and practitioner working together.

Healing Through Restoration of Balance


After a comprehensive assessment, our practitioners look for imbalances in the body and mind. Humans are organisms of nature, and like all organisms we have a natural ability to heal ourselves. In order for healing to begin, however, we must restore balance to the systems of the body and mind.     

The Root of the Problem


Symptoms are like branches of a tree. Instead of focusing on one branch at a time we work to identify and solve the health problem at the root of the cause. Our practitioners utilize a wide range of evidence-based therapies, supplements, medicine and lifestyle coaching to sustainably solve the patients health problem and eliminate an entire set of symptoms. 




Health is dynamic, constantly shifting and changing as we age. It is a constant project riddled with opportunities to learn more and feel better. Our integrative approach means we are always working with patients on the little details, like a small dietary change to decrease stress, a supplement for a missing mineral, or acupuncture to release tension. We believe that practicing health optimization now can make for a brighter and more enjoyable future.



Provide a holistic, evidence based healthcare experience that utilizes the full scope of human medical knowledge, and is centered around the unique needs of the individual patient.