Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Regain Balance

Hormone imbalances can have a large impact on quality of life. Mood, metabolism, cardiovascular, sexual and reproductive functions can be thrown off by imbalanced hormones, severely affecting health both physically and mentally.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy re-balances hormone levels. Through a detailed consultation and proper hormone and environmental profiles, we can determine which specific hormones the patient may have a deficiency in, or excess of. Bio-identical replacement hormones are identical in chemical structure to that of the hormones existing in the specific patients body, and once replaced the hormone levels return to a state of balance. This biochemical match is a safer approach with less side effects than synthetic hormones.


The goal of BHRT is to replicate healthy hormone levels of the individual patient, minimizing symptoms and optimizing function without causing harm. The steps in the BHRT process are:
  1. Test patient using blood or saliva
  2. Prescribe customized doses of bio-identical hormones
  3. Develop a lifestyle and nutrition plan
  4. Balance thyroid, cortisol and progesterone
  5. Begin with low hormone dosage, and adjust
  6. Monitor symptoms
  7. Re-test levels

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