Dr. Mehrdad Torkamaniha, ND

Dr, Torkamaniha is a naturopath physician with a medical background as a medical doctor (MD) from Iran.  He strongly believes in an Integrated Medicine approach as being most effective in the health and wellness of all clients and has integrated his training and practice in both western and natural medicine to manage and address your needs.

Dr. Torkamaniha works on treating the whole person, not just the symptoms, and works with the client to develop a healthy individually balanced plan that is specific to each person’s health situation and needs. Dr. Torkamaniha uses a variety of diagnosis and treatment tools such as routine physical and lab exam, naturopathy tests, clinical nutrition, diet, herbs, hand treatments, acupuncture, supplement and medication, IV therapy and injection, body and mind exercises.  Treatment programs are designed to address some of the following health issues:

•    Digestive issues
•    Liver and Gall Bladder diseases
•    Acute and Chronic pain
•    Hormonal imbalance
•    Skin disorder
•    Women’s health issues

•    Cardiovascular issues
•    Asthma and Allergy
•    Mental disorders
•    Men’s health issues


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