Nutritional IV Therapy

Need a Boost?

Replenish your body with essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals directly to the bloodstream.

Nutritional IV bypasses the limited absorptive ability of the digestive system, resulting in a 100% absorbable, therapeutic dose of nutrition that can help with stress, anxiety, headaches, immunity, weight loss and more. See the full list of benefits below. 

Our IV drips are administered by a licensed naturopathic doctor in our relaxing IV lounge, where patients can rest and recharge. 

One Part of an Effective Treatment Plan

IV therapy is most effective as part of an integrative treatment plan. It helps to balance the body and optimize function, but often IV alone is unlikely to fix the root of the health problem.

Our naturopathic doctors can help you come up with an effective treatment plan to optimize your health and eliminate symptoms. Some patients require several different IV treatments, others might combine with acupuncture or massage, and many combine with some lifestyle changes or supplements. As part of an integrated approach, IV can be highly effective.

Benefits of Nutritional IV Therapy

Each nutritional IV "cocktail" is customized for the unique needs of the patient, using nutritional building blocks like:

Vitamins: Like C, D, and B Complex

Minerals: Like Calcium and Magnesium

Antioxidants: Like Glutathione

Amino Acids: Like Lysine

This flood of nutrition, hydration, and antioxidants can help to restore optimal function to the body, resulting in a long list of benefits.

Fight stress.

If you're often stressed, your adrenals might be shot. A basic Meyer's cocktail IV drip contains both B vitamins and Magnesium, which help to calm the adrenals, reduce production of cortisol, and relieve stress.

Recover from a workout, illness, or injury.

A comprehensive nutrient replenishment can help athletes recover from heavy training. In the same way, it helps cells restore from injury or sickness.

Boost energy in the body and mind.

A big boost of nutrition helps to optimize cellular and system function throughout the entire body, resulting in a wave of healthy energy for the body and the mind.

Boost your immune system.

Your body is better prepared to fight cold and flu invaders when it is getting the nutrition it needs.

Prevent jet lag.

Long travel days in a steel tube aren't great for the immune system. A boost of intravenous vitamin C can boost the body's defense system and prevent jet-lag.

Detoxify the body.

You're feeling a little unhealthy, thanks to a bad diet, long work week, or maybe a nasty hangover. Cleanse the system with a flood of hydration and antioxidants,

Increase metabolism, lose weight.

Proper nutrition can fire up the metabolic functions of the body, while antioxidants carry away toxins to boost weight loss.

Meet The Doctors

All IV's are administered by one of our Naturopathic Doctors.

Dr. Steven Hsu, ND

Dr. Hsu specializes in diagnostics and treatments of Atopic dermatitis in children and adults. He has special interests in gastrointestinal health, cancer and detoxification. Dr. Hsu is also certified in acupuncture and IV therapy.

Dr. Christine Chen, ND
Dr. Mehrdad Torkamaniha, ND
Dr. Wendy Tao, ND

Dr. Chen’s practice focuses on metabolic symptoms, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, digestive complications, autoimmune, hormone issues such as hyper-/hypo-thyroidism, PCOS, menopause symptoms and weight control.

Dr. Mehrdad Torkamaniha specializes in treating the following health issues: digestive issues, liver and gall bladder diseases, acute and chronic pain, hormonal imbalance, skin disorders, cardiovascular issues, asthma, allergy and mental health.

Dr. Tao treats many health conditions with a particular focus on: metabolic disorders, peri-menopause & menopause symptoms, Skin conditions, autism, ADHD, asthma, digestive disorders, chemical and food sensitivities, musculoskeletal problems and sleep disorders.

Come in and talk to one of our naturopathic doctors to find out how a custom nutritional IV can help you.

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