Integrative Therapies

What is Integrative Medicine?

The world of modern medicine has been divided.


Each different medical philosophy has loyal followers of practitioners and patients who often neglect to acknowledge the strengths and benefits of any other genre of medicine. The three main streams of modern medicine are:

Conventional Medicine - The mainstream medicine offered in hospitals and clinics. It's extremely effective in a "reactive" situation - such as a significant injury or life threatening disease - but is typically invasive and expensive. Conventional medicine is known for treating symptoms.

Alternative Medicine - Any therapy excluded from conventional medicine, that patients use instead. These therapies usually take a more natural approach, and are less invasive. Some are scientifically proven, some are not, and they are a mix of old and new practices.

Complementary Medicine - A non-mainstream therapy or practice used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Together, Complementary and Alternative therapies are referred to as CAM therapies.

As with many issues of our modern time, two sides have emerged with proponents of each refusing to acknowledge the merits of the other side. Many practitioners of complementary medicine prescribe anti-depressants without first considering nutritional therapies or acupuncture, and die hard believers of alternative medicine unwisely refuse vaccinations. This short sighted approach is harmful for all involved, and results in a medical system that is not living up to it's full potential.   

Integrative Medicine breaks the barriers of division by combining the therapies and practices from all three fields of medicine that exhibit some high-quality scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness. This results in a practice that treats patients with the most effective and appropriate treatment plan available. Integrative practitioners are dynamic in their approach, setting out to solve the root of the patients health problem with a toolkit that includes all scientifically supported medical therapies, from advanced conventional treatments to scientifically proven methods of ancient origin.

Check out our About Us page for our principles of an integrative approach.

Our Integrative Therapies

Our list of therapies is constantly growing and evolving, as we identify new ways to help our patients optimize their health

Acupuncture - Used to treat a wide variety of health issues, diseases and symptoms. Some of the most common include reducing headaches and migraines, relieving chronic pain and arthritis, stimulating digestion and metabolism, and treating anxiety, depression, nausea and infertility.




Nutritional IV Therapy - The intravenous delivery of vitamins and minerals has the advantage of delivering needed nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the limited absorptive ability of the digestive system. This facilitates therapeutic levels of nutrients in the blood, restoring optimal function to many of the bodies systems that may have been previously deprived of the needed nutrients.



Intramuscular Injections - Used when intravenous and oral medication or nutrient delivery is not recommended. The medications or vitamins are injected into the muscle, where it is absorbed into the body. Injections can be used for a variety of medications and vitamins. The most common is B12 injections, which help offset deficiencies and increase energy, mood and concentration.


Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy - Through a detailed consultation and proper hormone and environmental profiles, we can determine which specific hormones the patient may have a deficiency in, or excess of. Bio-Identical replacement hormones are identical in chemical structure to that of the hormones existing in the specific patients body. This biochemical match is a safer approach with less side effects than synthetic hormones.




Naturopathic Medicine - CIMED's licensed Naturopathic Doctors use the listed Integrative therapies in combination with Naturopathic treatments like soft tissue therapy, musculo-skeletal manipulation, mind body therapies, homeopathy, vitamin and mineral supplements and much more to boost healing and help the patient feel better.

The Principles of Integrative Medicine

Emphasizes relationship-centered care 


Develops an understanding of the patient’s culture and beliefs to help facilitate the healing response 


Focuses on the unique characteristics of the individual person based on the interaction of 

the mind, body, spirit, and community 


Regards the patient as an active partner who takes personal responsibility for health 


Focuses on prevention and maintenance of health with attention to lifestyle choices, 

including nutrition, exercise, stress management, and emotional well-being 


Encourages providers to explore their own balance of health that will allow them better to 

facilitate this change in their patients 


Requires providers to act as educators, role models, and mentors to their patients 


Uses natural, less invasive interventions before costly, invasive ones when possible 


Recognizes that we are part of a larger ecosystem that requires our efforts in sustaining its 

health so we can continue to be a part of it 


Uses an evidence-based approach from multiple sources of information to integrate the 

best therapy for the patient, be it conventional or complementary 


Searches for and removes barriers that may be blocking the body’s innate healing response 

Sees compassion as always helpful, even when other therapies are not 

Focuses on the research and understanding of the process of health and healing 

(salutogenesis) and how to reproduce it 


Accepts that health and healing are unique to the individual and may differ for two people 

with the same disease 


Works collaboratively with the patient and a team of interdisciplinary providers to improve the delivery of care. 


Maintains that healing is always possible, even when curing is not 


Agrees that the job of the physician is to cure sometimes, heal often, support always–Hippocrates 

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