Naturopathic Medicine

A Natural Path to Optimal Health

Naturopathic Medicine utilizes the healing power of nature to treat the root of the health issue, instead of a symptom based approach. It aims to heal the whole person - mind and body.

History of Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine has been practiced in Canada since the early 1900's. Often referred to as functional or alternative medicine, this primary health care system provides natural treatment methods that promote self healing and optimal health.

Certified Healthcare Practitioners

After completing an undergraduate degree at university, N.D's complete a four year, full-time accredited naturopathic medical program at a CNME recognized naturopthic college. 

The Process

An initial appointment with a naturopathic doctor features almost an hour of questions, so a thorough understanding of the patient is achieved. Then, a treatment plan is developed, considering all factors of health (physical, mental, emotional, environmental, social, attitudinal), with a focus of optimizing the natural healing power of the body by bringing it into a state of balance.

What is Optimal Health?

Optimal health is more than the absence of disease. 

It is the ability to THRIVE. 

Our practitioners develop treatment plans that help the patient:​​

  • Reduce stress

  • Increase energy/reduce fatigue

  • Lose weight

  • Boost libido, and fertility

  • Balance hormones

  • Fight aging

  • Reduce chronic pain

  • Detoxify the body

  • Develop healthy mental and attitudinal habits

  • Create a balanced lifestyle

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Appointment Types

Naturopathic Doctors are like health detectives. They gather as much information as possible, create a plan of action, and follow the clues. 

Initial Visit

Follow Up Appointment

The most important aspect of naturopathic care is the initial visit. ​This is where the doctor reviews your:

  • Past medical history

  • Current health concerns

  • Physical examinations

  • Lifestyle assessment

  • Dietary assessment

  • Lab tests

This information helps the doctor create a detailed picture of the overall health condition, allowing them to make more informed decisions and customized solutions. 

The initial visit gives the doctor the information needed to treat the root cause of health problems, instead of treating symptoms.

The treatment plan is administered during follow up appointments. Treatments can be any mix of the following:

  • Botanical Medicine
  • Homeopathic Medicine
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Physical Medicine
  • Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture
  • Prevention and Lifestyle Coaching


Patient vitals are taken, along with a review of symptoms to establish the progress that's been made. The treatment plan is updated and changed as progress is made.

The doctor and patient build the treatment plan together - the patient plays an active role in this process. 



FREE                  Consultation

Not sure if a naturopathic approach is right for your symptoms, or condition? Schedule a free 15 minute consultation at our downtown Vancouver clinic, and one of our naturopathic doctors will assess your health condition and let you know if they can help, or if you require a specialist.

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