AdrenoForte DP is a synergistic herbal formula specifically designed to tonify the depleted adrenals and give the body a kick start to restore its physiological functions in Stage 3 Adrenal Exhaustion. 

Each daily serving of AdrenoForte DP supplies 6110 mg of dried herb. equivalence.



  • Comparable effect to glandular tissue-containing formulas.
  • Licorice helps to increase the cortisol level via its inhibitory effect on cortisol breakdown (ie. inhibition of 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases).
  • Asian Ginseng helps to tonify the adrenal functions. In TCM, Panax ginseng tonifies Qi and Yang.
  • Eleuthero to modulate the blood pressure and cortisol levels to prevent them from overshoot.
  • Astragalus - "The King Herb of Qi" in TCM - to tonify Spleen and Lungs and enhance the immune functions.
  • Highly concentrated Bacopa Extract (30:1; 50% bacopasides) - a potent Ayurvedic brain tonic to support cognitive function and memory. Also known as a cooling & bitter herb - balances the stimulatory effects of Licorice/Asian Ginseng/Astragalus.

AdrenoForte DP是一种协同的草药配方,专门用于补充疲惫的肾上腺,让身体在第3阶段肾上腺衰竭中恢复其生理功能。 每天每份AdrenoForte DP供应6110毫克干草药。对含有腺体组织的配方产生可比较的影响。 甘草通过其对皮质醇分解的抑制作用(即抑制11-β-羟基类固醇脱氢酶)有助于增加皮质醇水平。 亚洲人参有助于调节肾上腺功能。在中医中,人参可以补气益气。 Eleuthero调节血压和皮质醇水平,以防止它们过冲。 黄芪 - 中医“益气之王” - 补脾健脾,增强免疫功能。 高度浓缩的Bacopa Extract(30:1; 50%bacopasides) - 有效的阿育吠陀脑补品,支持认知功能和记忆, 平衡甘草/亚洲人参/黄芪的刺激作用。

AdrenoFrote DP

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