Comprehensive multi-vitamin/mineral formula with essential vitamins, minerals, plus additional phytonutrients, antioxidants, and lipotrophic agents.

  • Contains all B-vitamins in Active Forms to provide optimal support to the body's methylation.
  • Contains EGCG, 100% free-form lutein, OPCs, rosemary, NAC, quercetin, bioflavonoids, R-alpha-lipoic acid (active form) and CoQ10 to strengthen cells' structural integrity and protect them against free radicals.
  • Highly concentrated formula without processed filler and magnesium stearate; requires only 2 capsules to reach recommended daily dosage.

全面的多维生素/矿物质配方,含有必需的维生素,矿物质,以及额外的植物营养素,抗氧化剂和脂肪营养剂。 含有活性形式的所有B族维生素,为身体的甲基化提供最佳支持。 含有EGCG,100%自由形式叶黄素,OPCs,迷迭香,NAC,槲皮素,生物类黄酮,R-α-硫辛酸(活性形式)和辅酶Q10,可增强细胞的结构完整性并保护它们免受自由基侵害。 高浓缩配方,不含加工填料和硬脂酸镁;仅需2粒胶囊即可达到建议的每日剂量。

Bioactive Multiplex

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