Immune Cherry Chewables - A pure bovine colostrum collected within the first 16 hours after birthing. It is a natural whole food providing IgG and PRPs (colostrum polypeptides). It also supplies protein, immune factors, growth factors, vitamins and minerals to ensure health and vitality naturally. Numerous scientific studies have shown that colostrum supports the human immune and cytokine systems. Bovine colostrum is actually 40 times richer in immune factors than human colostrum and is biologically transferable to humans. PRPs are information-carrying proteins (peptides), also known as info-peptides, with amazing adaptability. They support the body’s balanced production of cytokines by sending signals via specific cell receptor sites. PRPs also support the thymus gland, which is known as the body’s central command for the immune system. Many colostrum products are produced in a way that they lose these very important PRPs. This formula is low heat processed for maximum biological activity and is hormone, antibiotic and rBST free.




  • 牛初乳原料来自美国产地。
  • 包含必需的初乳多肽(PRP)。
  • IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG, IgM的天然来源。
  • 调节正常的免疫反应。
  • 正面影响骨骼和肌肉质量。
  • 帮助支持健康的认知功能。



卡路里    11.47

脂肪卡路里    0.27

脂肪总含量    0.03

碳水化合物    2.16


蛋白质    0.64

初乳(牛初乳)    1000毫克

免疫球蛋白(总量)    250毫克

免疫球蛋白GlgG   224毫克

富含脯氨酸的多肽(PRP   40毫克















1. 不含鸡蛋,鱼类,贝类,坚果,花生,小麦,大豆。含有牛奶蛋白成分。

2. 请放置在儿童接触不到的地方。

3. 请拧紧瓶盖,于阴凉干燥处贮存。

Immune Cherry Chewables 增强免疫咀嚼宝(樱桃味)

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