NAC+ is a synergistic antioxidant formulation providing inter- and intra- cellular protection against free radicals, enhancing detoxification process by increasing glutathione levels, and soothing the respiratory tract.

  • Contains mucolytic agent, NAC to help ease chronic respiratory illnesses, such as obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and promote phlegm expectoration.
  • Helps to promote the recovery of respiratory infections and ease dry cough, especially during nightime. 
  • Helps to increase glutathione levels in the body via supplying direct precursor and enhancing glutathione-S-transferase activity.

NAC +是一种协同抗氧化剂配方,可提供对抗自由基的细胞间和细胞内保护,通过增加谷胱甘肽水平和舒缓呼吸道来增强解毒过程。 含有粘液溶解剂,NAC,有助于缓解慢性呼吸道疾病,如阻塞性肺病(COPD),并促进痰咳痰。 有助于促进呼吸道感染的恢复,缓解干咳,特别是在夜间。 通过提供直接前体和增强谷胱甘肽-S-转移酶活性,帮助增加体内谷胱甘肽水平。


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