Oxgyheme supplies one of the most bioavailable vegetarian sources of iron supplement with other essential vitamins for healthy heme production and integrity.

  • Contains iron in amino acid chelated form, providing MFP factor-like absorption promoting effect for better bioavailability and GI tolerance.
  • Folic acid and vitamin B12 to support hemoglobin production and integrity.
  • Red beet juice extract is used for anemia or blood deficiency in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine.

Oxgyheme提供最具生物利用度的铁补充剂之一,含有其他必需维生素,有助于健康的血红素生成和完整性。 含有氨基酸螯合形式的铁,提供MFP因子样吸收促进作用,以提高生物利用度和GI耐受性。 叶酸和维生素B12支持血红蛋白的生成和完整性。 红甜菜汁提取物用于传统印度草药和中药的贫血或血液缺乏。


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