TermiDM is a comprehensive herbal formula with alpha lipoic acid and glucose tolerance factors (GTF) specifically designed for blood glucose control and protection against hyperglycemic complications.

  • Helps to control blood glucose levels via different mechanisms that enable reaching the therapeutic goal more effectively.
  • Contains Mulberry leaf extract that inhibits glucosidase, which digests disaccharides to glucose.
  • Contains aqueous cinnamon extract that is clinically proven to reduce the glucose level by increasing both the insulin sensitivity and the insulin secretion.
  • Contains milk thistle and alpha lipoic acid to help balance glucogenesis and glycolysis in the liver, as well as reduce the risk of neurogensis pathology of diabetic complication.
  • Contains chromium from amino acid chelate has been proven safer and more bioavailable compared to other forms used in glucose control.

TermiDM是一种综合性草药配方,含有α-硫辛酸和葡萄糖耐量因子(GTF),专门用于控制血糖和防止高血糖并发症。 通过不同的机制帮助控制血糖水平,从而更有效地达到治疗目标。 含有抑制葡萄糖苷酶的桑叶提取物,可将二糖消化为葡萄糖。 含有水性肉桂提取物,临床证明通过增加胰岛素敏感性和胰岛素分泌来降低葡萄糖水平。 含有牛奶蓟和α-硫辛酸,有助于平衡肝脏中的葡萄糖生成和糖酵解,并降低糖尿病并发症的神经发生病理学风险。 与葡萄糖控制中使用的其他形式相比,含有来自氨基酸螯合物的铬已证明更安全且更具生物可利用性。


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