Tobalief contains cytisine - a natural nicotine receptor partial agonist (NRPA).

  • Clinically shown to yield higher success rate in smoking cessation than other agents, such as NRT, varenicline, and bupriopion.
  • Higher compliance - short course of treatment (25 days) & very well-tolerated.
  • More cost-effective compared to other smoking cessation medications.

Tobalief含有cytisine - 一种天然的尼古丁受体部分激动剂(NRPA)。 临床表现出戒烟成功率高于其他药物,如NRT,伐尼克兰和bupriopion。 更高的依从性 - 短疗程(25天)和非常好的耐受性。 与其他戒烟药物相比,更具成本效益。


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